Businesses and offices have different security concerns and needs compared to the average home. You can’t just install a motion detector or place cameras in the corners and pat yourself on the back.

A security system for your business also can’t be installed the same way a home security system can. You’ll generally need a professional setup to ensure that every essential part of the building or office is covered.

That means you’re not just putting your trust in the equipment; you’re also putting your trust in the company that does all the setup and monitoring.

If you want the best security for your business, you’ll have to consider some crucial things, which we’ll get to below.

1. Look into the track record and reputation of your chosen security companies

At first, you’ll have plenty of security companies on your list, all with different capabilities, price points, and other convenient benefits. After you’ve trimmed the list down a bit, look into the track record of the remaining ones.

You’ll want to look into their license according to state laws, how they vet their own service technicians (background checks and drug testing are usually good signs), and of course, how far away the technicians are.

A security company might offer some of the best technology available. Still, if their technicians take multiple hours of travel just to fix broken equipment, that’s worth keeping in mind.

You should also try contacting their past and current clients and get direct testimonials from them. Security companies will usually advertise their clientele and reviews on their website. Still, it’s always best to get the information straight from the source.

2. Look at the costs

Different security companies will offer different pricing plans. Unlike security systems for homes, security systems for businesses are usually tailored to the specific setup, so you’ll really have to know what the costs are.

A good sign is when a security company offers a “no-obligation quote.” This means that they can look at your business space and give you a quote without charging you or obliging you to contract with them then and there.

This should let you look around the market while keeping your options open. Reputable security companies don’t resort to sleazy tactics to box you in because they know their track records speak for themselves.

On this note, you should also ask if the contract will have lock-in periods. Agreements for security systems usually span a year with an option to extend for multiple years.

If there are any penalties for changing providers before the lock-in period is over, you should know that. Additionally, ask them if refunds are possible if specific guarantees or promises are not met.

3. Understand how the equipment works and how it’s monitored

Often, businesses get security companies to set up complex security systems without actually understanding how their own security works. Worse, they don’t even ask what exact equipment will be installed.

Most business owners are happy to pay a sum of money and let the security company handle everything.

This is obviously not the route that you want to take. Security companies usually offer different possible setups depending on the configuration of your office space.

The more complicated the system is, the more it will cost you. However, if you get a security system beyond your business’s needs, you’ll end up paying more than you needed to.

Whether your business is big or small, you want every cent spent to be helpful without going overboard.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to ask the security company about the specific equipment setup. Ask how each piece works and why they chose this brand over another one.

You’ll also want to know the extent of the capabilities of your access control system. Can it support multiple passwords for different authorization levels? Can you access and manage it remotely? What are your options in case of an emergency?

Businesses usually delegate these tasks to a specialized security department. Still, as a business owner, you should always be in the know when it comes to the security options for your own business.

Take the time to also ask about monitoring. In case of an emergency or suspicious activity, how will it be reported to you? Will the security company call the local authorities for you, or will they just give you information, leaving you to do the rest yourself?

You should also know how long it will take them to respond in emergencies so you can set up your own internal protocol before backup arrives.

Knowing the company’s security protocols will make you better equipped to handle emergency situations your business will face.

4. Know how often the technology is upgraded

The world of security is constantly moving, especially in today’s fast-paced technological age. The cutting-edge equipment of last year may be obsolete by now, so you should know how often the company upgrades the equipment for clients.

Good companies are always in the loop about the latest innovations in security technology, and they’ll make sure that their clients don’t have any loopholes in their security just because of outdated equipment.

That means you should ask how often new technology becomes available. If the security company is good, they will know, and they will tell you.

Unfortunately, this is where even plenty of big businesses fall short, with security systems that look like they were installed in the early 2000s.

In addition to knowing the upgrade options offered by the security company, you should also ask how much upgrades will cost.

5. Be familiar with the customer support options

Some security companies have their own in-house maintenance personnel. In contrast, others prefer to outsource maintenance work to focus their resources on more important things.

Both of these approaches are perfectly valid, but knowing who does the work and how long they do it is essential for you as a business owner.

To close, your involvement in the installation of your company's security system can go a long way to ensuring its success. At Alarm Masters, we are committed to coming alongside you in the process and helping you to make the best security decisions for your business. Reach out via our website today; we would be happy to help.